It is impossible for me to express the level of hospitality and genuine kindness of the Greek islanders, not to mention the beauty, the bougainvillea against the white traditional houses set amongst the deep blue sky and turquoise aegean. It is a big part of why a Retreat here will be successful, because of the comfort and security you will feel at your residence and walking around the island…


I have placed the hotels in order of cost, from lowest to highest. Please contact them via email for best price.  There are also Villas and many more hotels close by, so let me know if these below are booked for extra suggestions. August usually books out early in the year…

pics: left is looking towards Paros Bay from Magaya Restaurant. right pic is Marili Apartments


Marili Apartments:  Marina!

Stratos Apartments:  Yiannis or Liza!

Paros Bay Hotel:

Villa Parasporos:  Kris!                             



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