BELOW Chamonix, France 12 – 14 January 2019

Thessaloniki Greece Advanced Iyengar Workshop ENGLISH BELOW

Θεσσαλονίκη Iyengar Yoga Workshop για προχωρημένους.  Κυριακή 20 Ιανουαρίου 11:00 – 14:00 ‘Somatic Yoga’ Καλαμαριά με των Τάσο €25 Πρόκληση για τον εαυτό σας, για ένα καλύτερο 2019. Να διλωσεις συμμετοχή τηλ Τάσο 6944955519

Οι αρχάριοι και όσοι ενδιαφέρονται για μια ‘Εισαγωγή για την γιόγκα Iyengar’ μπορούν να συμμετέχουν στο πρώτο μισό του εργαστηρίου 11:00 – 12:15 € 10
Mαζί θα εξετάσουμε την πρακτική μας και θα δούμε πώς η δύναμη και η ευελιξία αποτελούν μέρος της προηγμένης γιόγκα. Αλλα, ένα μικρό μέρος.

Beginners and those interested in an ‘Introduction to Iyengar Yoga’ May attend the first half of the workshop 11:00-12:15 €10 To confirm your attendance call Tassos 6944955519

To practice advanced Yoga, qualities like patience and mental stamina are required, not only physical strength and flexibility. It takes time for the body to open and to move through the beginners stages, time and patience transforms.

When the initial basic instructions are taken on as second nature. Example, dynamic legs and arms to hold hips and shoulders in correct position to allow for right extension of spine. then there is an opportunity to work at a deeper level. The game changes. 

Together we will hold various advanced standing sitting and  inverted postures with different perspectives in practice and learn to maintain challenging intricate adjustments whilst maintaining a sense of the whole pose. 

Action is movement with intelligence. The world is filled with movement. What the world needs is more conscious movement, more action.

B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life

Chamonix, France 12 – 14 January 2019 Residential (live in and  lunch provided) option


Chamonix France, Organiser; Sema Ergin Moussa

Together we will see where this Ancient Art of Yoga can really take us. With a full program of basic Pranayama – breath work, Asana – physical postures; seated, standing, and inversions, plus Yoga Philosophy, discussion.

COST Yoga only 175 euro

Yoga + 2 lunch 200 euro

Yoga + Breakfast/Lunch + 2 night Accomodation 320 euro


Day One

Morning 2.5 hrs

Workshop Introduction. Intention. Pranayama talk, Ujjayi breath

Basic standing postures, forward bends – Leg work

Preparation for Setu-Bandha Sarvangasana (Shahtoosh padasana) Easy Bridge Pose

Afternoon 2.5 hrs

Prep for and Shoulderstand Sarvangasana

Astanga Yoga – The Eight Branches of Yoga Discussion, Sutras

Day Two

Morning 2.5 hrs

Intense Standing Postures, twists – Hip Work

Preparation for Urdhva Mukha Svanasana, Up Dog

Afternoon 2.5 hrs

Restorative Sequence and (Sirsasana) Sarvangasana and variations

Designing, Sequencing, Preparing for Home Practice

Re-cap previous sessions / Q&A

Day Three 3 hrs

Seated Asana – Shoulder work

Work towards Ustrasana Camel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

Ujjayi, Bhramari Pranayama