Dear Yoga Friends

The search is over, we renovated a 1938 Cycladic cottage into a modern home and our Yoga/Wellness retreat centre construction begins soon, right behind this olive grove at the foot of Saint Antonis Mount.

Those that know me know what this means

So, if the madness of this virus eases and social and travel restrictions are lifted I’m looking forward to welcoming you to Molos, Paros next European summer and to a retreat experience that will be one for which I’ve been planning for a lifetime…

With our own well water and oil, veggie patch, and herbs from the surrounding mountains.

2 thoughts on “Retreats

  1. Tassos is an extraordinary teacher. He has a rare, deep knowledge and understanding of yoga, alignment mind, body and soul which he offers with humility, compassion and humour.
    He is gentle but encourages his class to challenge themselves, to trust and work deeply – to listen to them
    Inner teacher. It is unusual to find a teacher who is able to effortlessly encourage relative beginniners and advanced students in the same class but somehow he does.
    I came across him during a recent stay in Paros and I was quickly scheduling my days around his beautiful classes.
    Tassos is relaxed but structured and even though I have my own daily practice and am fairly experienced, I learned a great deal from his adjustments, wisdom and guidance.
    I don’t know when I will next be in one of his classes as I leave this beautiful island of Paros in a few days but I certainly hope it is very soon. X

    1. Thank you kindly Kim. I’ve had some extraordinary asana meditation and Life teachers !!! Thank you for acknowledging the work Hugs

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