Dear Yoga Friends

With fingers crossed and hope in my heart I’m offering 2 retreats this year at Magaya Yoga Paros. I will confirm if the June retreat is going ahead in the first week of April.

When: June 21-27 summer solstice retreat & September 20-26 autumn retreat

Where: Magaya Yoga Paros. Arrive before Sunday evening 20 June where we will meet and share a meal at Magaya Restaurant

Yoga: 6 hours a day, 2 sessions and 1 session Sunday to finish. We will move through a complete sequence of asana and pranayama building slowly dynamically towards a meditation practice.

Accommodation: I will leave you to find your own accommodation. I suggest Marili Apartments, great price and traditionally Cycladic, or Paros Bay luxurious hotel, both a few steps away. If you hire a car or scooter you have a huge variety of choices on this amazing beautiful Aegean island. Or you can even stay in Paroikia, the famous traditional village and port town of Paros, with taverns shops and nightlife at your doorstep and a few minutes from Magaya.

Cost: €400 including yoga and 7 group breakfasts. All props blankets blocks bolsters chairs and even matts are supplied if you want to use ours

How to get there: please put off buying your tickets too soon, due to the virus. I will confirm if we will go ahead end of March. But there’s ferries and flights straight to Paros from Athens and also flights direct from many European cities to Mykonos or Santorini and then a short ferry ride to us.

After working with people for almost 2 decades now I’m learning what the wise say, that flexibility and strength that yoga gives us are a bonus. The work, the practice itself is the prize, not the fruits it gives. The path is the goal. Injuries, ageing and life’s challenges allow us to practice at our level and pace relevant to us. Simple and inclusive. For most of us we cannot be like Mr Iyengar practicing 12 hours a day, or sit in a cave for years.

And also important to note is that most of our problems arise due to our ego. No amount of relaxation or stretching will help. It’s a complicated theme, the human condition. But also simple.

“Through surrender the aspirants ego is effaced (erased), and grace, pours down on them like a torrential storm” B.K.S. Iyengar

So how do we surrender. Again, very complicated. Just like the intricate practice of Iyengar Yoga. But with repetition and refinement grace comes. We approach the matt like beginners each time and with intention to be aware, not merely remember instructions but instead as our practice ripens it becomes second nature., and we feel our way through our sequence finally completely and absolutely surrendering to the self in Savasana…

I hope to offer a taste of silence and stillness that this practice gives us. Just stretching and opening like exercise will give benefits, the waves will quieten and the surface will calm. We want to get deeper and release let go of the deeper restrictions that unconsciously drive us.

I will share with you what a few amazing teachers have given me over the years. Concepts and methodology like effortless effort and action versus movement. Not dogma and goal oriented approaches.

Please contact me via email or comment below with any queries

Happiness and health health above all for all of us this year.

2 thoughts on “Retreats

  1. Tassos is an extraordinary teacher. He has a rare, deep knowledge and understanding of yoga, alignment mind, body and soul which he offers with humility, compassion and humour.
    He is gentle but encourages his class to challenge themselves, to trust and work deeply – to listen to them
    Inner teacher. It is unusual to find a teacher who is able to effortlessly encourage relative beginniners and advanced students in the same class but somehow he does.
    I came across him during a recent stay in Paros and I was quickly scheduling my days around his beautiful classes.
    Tassos is relaxed but structured and even though I have my own daily practice and am fairly experienced, I learned a great deal from his adjustments, wisdom and guidance.
    I don’t know when I will next be in one of his classes as I leave this beautiful island of Paros in a few days but I certainly hope it is very soon. X

    1. Thank you kindly Kim. I’ve had some extraordinary asana meditation and Life teachers !!! Thank you for acknowledging the work Hugs

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