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@ YogaMagaya with Tassos

I have been working with people since 2003, including both Private one on one Yoga sessions and Thai massage, and finding some similarities in the two modalities regarding physical integrity. Thai massage and Iyengar yoga therapy. Thai massage can soften muscles and bring mindfulness to certain body parts like shoulders and hips, where in the case of most men are restricted  most often than not.

Some people say its like I’m doing the yoga for them using ropes blocks boulsters weights and the tressler.

So, shoulder neck knee hip back issues etc can be addressed by making sure that we have a view of the whole system, and then focus on the ‘problem’. Example; if there is a neck issue we need to make sure that the shoulders upper spine has integrity, (not to mention the base of the spine hips before that) and then address the neck issue. Thats why Yoga Therapy is a little misunderstood. Yoga is a complete system, and if it is practised sequentially, appreciating all the aspects, and in the case of an injury, condition or pain, alternatives and patience are offered where difficulty arises, then the issues will be met intelligently.

There’s also sequences and methods for working with depression anxiety and fear. Learning to be steady and dynamic on your feet has an affect on the mind and emotions too.

“It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity”.