Starting tomorrow I’ll be offering zoom classes 3 times a day, Monday’s and Thursdays. and one session Saturdays. Invites will be posted on my yoga messenger group. please email me the night before the zoom class and I’ll send you invite

Mute your microphone if you have people wandering around or in the room

I prefer if you have your camera on coz it feels weird not seeing you and I wanna make sure you’re ok

Payments are by donation to my Greek or Australian bank for non locals.

I prefer to watch you all and not do the class with you. That saves me buying microphones etc also. Therefore study the Sanskrit names if you can. Tadasana Trikonasana spanakopitasana. But people that don’t practice with me often, it’ll take a few sessions to get used to the flow of it all.

Please feel free to ask relevant questions during the sessions. Short and sweet and interrupt me if need be.

I will be translating some words and phrases in Greek also for the locals that aren’t fluent in English. So if it’s all Greek to you it’s because it is 🙂

The classes since I now have paid zoom subscription will be over an hour. Savasana is the most important pose of the session. So just because your home don’t skip it because you remember all the things you need to do

Savasana… One method is for people to scan their bodies fingers to shoulders. Toes to hips. And feel the sensation of relaxation, and tune in to the natural breath every now and then and witness the process of deepening relaxation. The key is to catch the distracted mind and return to the work. Come back. Again and again. Like any pose, repeating, refining.

You can also record the session if I authorise it on my end. Let me know.

And please checkout my Instagram tassosyoga for stuff and comment below here any thoughts feedback. Does anyone actually read this? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Zooom

  1. Great initiative to start Zoom classes. I will be looking forward to come to beautiful Paros (once we are on top of this pandemic) and attend your classes in person. All the very best Tasso!

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