September Paros

What strange days

Usually we have 3 months of busy tourism here, mid June to mid September, last year 2019 being the busiest season for Paros, people came May and even in October, on the back of being voted the best island by a few different magazines tv programs online sites etc. But typically a 3 month season to make a profit to get by for the rest of the year.

But, after a late start due to The Virus, we saw tourists coming last week of July instead of June. A bit busier 1st week of August and we all took a sigh of relief as at last we got some work.

Then, bang! 14th of August tough restrictions were set, 4 only per table, 9 ppl max gatherings and midnight closure of all restaurants bars etc. 15th August, day of Holy Mother Mary, being the biggest celebration on the holiday Calendar in Greece. Devastating!

From April Greece went on an advertising spree selling our islands to the world as a holiday destination without even 1 COVID case. We were sceptical. And what happens when they bring the virus here? Well. Ok…

Instead of peak season and a full island that locals prepare for from March. It was dead now. The growing Virus cases and social restrictions scaring those here away and causing those coming to cancel their holiday. Most people got straight onto a ferry to islands close by that had no social restrictions

So be it.

Positives are, we got our island to our selves for some time, to enjoy. Quiet. Serene. And our priorities are getting a shake up, with a need to be more self sufficient awakening. The Greeks know how to do this.

Fasoulada. Bean soup. There’s an expression Ive heard old ladies say here. Fasoulada will save Ellada, (Greece).

I’m not sure what this winter has in store after this weak, 3 week tourist season. But I know we’ll make it, despite the confusion, fear mongering and incompetence of our leaders.

Well, I’ll have enough olive oil. Come help pick and take a few litres.

Good strength, health and patience to everyone around the world dealing with this Virus and the ‘new normal’…

Oh! And let’s get om the matt!

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