don’t know what you got, til it’s gone

Dear Yoga friends

Here I am back on Paros… after setting up temporary base in Thessaloniki and traveling around the north of greece, with the intention of finding a property and making a retreat centre/home. Beautiful people and places everywhere, but nothing matched idealic luminescent Paros. And when a large property in an agricultural quiet part of Paros came up within my budget, I grabbed it. I was looking for a property on Paros for 5 years! I had to leave to come back!!

Theres a 1950 little stone cottage that we’re renovating , God help us! So you’re welcome to come help tend the olive grove, chickens and huge veggie patch and do some Yoga. But next year 2021 I hope to have a Centre for 8 people to stay practice and discover the simplicity of a life on the land along side a conscious practice.

I’ve begun classes at Magaya again : ) but this time with other teachers to share the costs. There will be no formal retreats, but you can still come if you’re in the neighborhoud and we can do 2 sessions a day, one with the public group and join me in my personal practice.

Take care and here’s hoping life returns to some kind of better soon for everyone. Greek Hugs

3 thoughts on “don’t know what you got, til it’s gone

  1. Congratulations Tassos, I’m glad you found your own place on magical Paros. I so hope to come back to Paros someday.

  2. Happy for you and looking forward to yoga in Magaya. We are coming end of June.

  3. Fantastic news Tasso. Hope to see you once this pandemic is over and the planes can fly again from Aus. Stay well and happy. Dina

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