Sleeping through a Revelation

Hi everyone. Yoga friends! I’ve got some good news, but I’ll leave it for our release from lockdown. And focus on this now…

Its an exciting time to be alive. Very strange, twilight zone stuff, but nonetheless exciting. We know from ours and others lives, that suffering and painful experiences almost always make way for something better. Good strength and patience during this time to All. I’d grab a cuppa tea right now…. and for the record I’m not into conspiracies, relatively speaking. The Internet is awash with conspiracies though, and there’s one that just won’t go away, and may just be the big one. I’ll just come straight out with it. Population control under the disguise of ‘Sustainable Development’, Agenda 2 1, Event 2 0 1 explained here in 2 vid.

Ann Bressington, Australian politician:

Reputable Christian channel:

Event 201 a pandemic simulation in October 2019 D’Oh!

Some great intellects and thinkers of today are deeply concerned, convinced that the powers that be, are directing us, since 9/11 specifically, into more and more authority or control. And now, the time is nigh. It’s begun.

Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist YouTube sensation and bestselling author, the man of the moment who alerted us to the reality of a so called leftist Marxist uprise in universities and political social bodies.

Thank God for these men and now Chelsea for showing us the reality of War, Assange and then Manning and then Snowden who’s now hiding in Russia says, the N.S.A in America, central in this saga, collects and stores absolutely everything from fb googoo searches tweets credit card phone calls emails, video chats! etc. An Internet trawler. Our personal discussions, intimacy deepest feelings and life events that we share. Or if you’ve done something naughty in the past. They got it! The amount of data storage, meta data, being saved is astonishing!! Thousands! of gigs of internet traffic per second. Stored.

This is how life looked like under the Stasi Secret Police in East germany 1984. ‘The Life of Orhers’ .

The miracle weedkiller that went all wrong, glyphosates pest/herbicides in food,, gmo’s and along with 5 gee technology!!!, big pharma poor water quality and now The Virus, is to depopulate. Frail feeble first. Aren’t they meant to inherit the earth?

The plot gets deeper more sinister and nightmarishly malevolent if you go down the rabbit hole of the deep state (In the United States, the “deep state” is a theory which suggests that collusion and cronyism corruption exist within the US political system and constitute a hidden government within the legitimately elected government. Wikipedia ) regarding Epstein (he was assassinated, it’s not a conspiracy) style pedophile rings, involving Royals, Movie Sports Music stars Vatican etc (500,000 half a million! children go missing in America every year). Assassination or torture of whistleblowers and secret societies controlling their puppets, the politicians leaders regulators and the media. Boys Club! Our leaders are mob Gangsters.

China today. Social surveillance and credit system. If you, or your parents have bad history like being a problem to the state, or bad credit, there’s restrictions set against you, like you can’t get a loan or travel or study or a good job. China is a communist regime! Yes? It’s citizens try and get out to be free in a democracy. That’s no conspiracy. And it’s coming to a city near you says Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff wrote a monumental book about the new economic order that is alarming. “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,”

Please watch ‘Century of self’ documentary, highlighting how the use of knowledge gained through the new psychology of Freud, pre wwii. Human deep seated vulnerabilities were used to popularise everything from household gadgets to the making of Presidents. Cool, and the great american dream were born. And the creation of marketing and Hollywood.

Elon Musk! and one of his companies Neurolink are only years away from a working neural net mesh inserted over the brain via surgery, with thousands of micro fibres and a port behind the ear for interface. He says that A.I. is currently building its lymbic system, as 4 billion ppl [?] share in the cyber world their emotions, fears hopes joys. In a way we’re already cyborgs plugged in. Whats that feeling you get when you think you lost your phone? ! It will be a smooth transition from being addicted to our phones for everything just about. to having them in our minds. Allowing for up, and downloads. I know jiu jitsu!

His company spacex are also involved heavily with the US military. Musk justifies his controversial involvement in these industries by saying Artificial Intelligence is coming. Let’s direct it along with the military to build a Star Trek style fleet of star ships to explore the Galaxy. Instead of an Orwellian style dystopia. His words.

And the strange story of the UN and it’s Sustainable Living plans for the World, to make it a safe secure place for all, under the banner of a green world. The political system of the future, green leaves and sun beams instead of hammer and sickle.

And, Yoga now, how does it look to you? It seems mostly part of the new age phenomenon that is all but a spiritual by-pass to me. Meaning you actually avoid any true transformation. I thought 20 years ago there was going to be a shift with all these great Yoginis and Yogis. But glamour and success get everyone. It just melded into our materialistic modern busy life. You gotta get bums on those matts and pay the rent and give those kids what they like! A Yoga Experience. By focusing on opening and how we feel look and perform with it’s goal orientated ambitious approach, it’s increased the ego and the idea that we are this body, strengthening the illusion of what we see hear feel touch taste, is all there is… I’m fortunate to of discovered Iyengar Yoga, and it’s precision and alignment which is equanimity. Which is meditation. Of course there’s wonderful teachers and practitioners transforming themselves and transcending the lower base thoughts and urges with this ancient art of living and inspiring others. But for the most part it’s an exercise to feel and look good, and get into more mischief, as J Krisnamurti says. And a Billion dollar woke industry.

This Spring Easter period and lockdown consider the resurrection as an event of transformation that is part of a spiritual evolution.

Falling together by falling apart. Break-through not break-down.

The story of St George and the demond, or dragon. It’s the demond’s within like jealousy, anger, lust, greed that brings the worst out of us. Our base lower self. Recently a popular sports man in Australia on purpose set his wife and 3 young children on fire in their car. Imagine the demonds there in that man! The horror for the mother and those children… But the dragon in the myths and stories protect a virgin, to find true love, or treasure, for wealth. Purpose and meaning. Herein lies the Quest. To meet our fears and…

See Richard Roar and the seriously exciting new Christianity of contemplation

See Joseph Campbell’s The Heroes Journey, where it’s the tough path, but to follow your bliss is to transcend it

Carl Jung on integrating these demond’s

Jordan Peterson’s Maps of meaning or 12 rules of life.

Or the Bhagavat Gita!

Terence McKenna. Culture is not your friend

Graham Hancock!

Don’t sleep through the Revelation. Meditation is the ultimate expression of our humanity. Yoga is preparing for this isn’t it? The Ordinary Universal Experience of Simply Being. The felt presence of the immediate moment.

Big hug

Photographer: Mohammed Muhuisen Ramallah Refugee camp WestBank

C ovid deaths ?

Too weird

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