JULY Summer is here and the cicada are getting louder along with the heat increasing… phew. I enjoy the heat.  its so beautiful all the hues of blue sparkling under the sun on these long days. It slows you down and forces you to stop and rest whenever you can, ideally having a nap around 2pm when its hot, like the locals. This power nap is used by many progressive companies to build their productivity and increase safety for their workers.  This morning at 8:30 it was already 28 degrees with no breeze. One student mentioned its like a bikram class. Another bonus is that the body is soft and open. After a cold long winter in europe where on many days the cold marble floor and freezing howling wind outside allowed only a sitting practice as my body creaked and groaned reminding me of all my injuries and conditions. Now intense backbends and forward bends are back on the menu.

The June retreat was a success with all 6 people benefiting from the mindful yet intense practice. All of them are reporting that their self practice has changed and that they are now using a system to move through their practice, rather than a few poses thrown together and only working with their strengths.

APRIL Right now it’s spring and quiet pre tourist season. The island is awash with colour and very lush after the higher than usual rain falls this winter

beach access, 20 metres from the yoga Hall here is the way for a quick dip

And things to do, a walk to Lefkes village in the middle of the island along ancient paths. Many regular buses for €2 can take you to most of the good spots on the island.

Ancient churches, and with Easter coming soon many from around greece come to the islands for the country style feeling of a traditional Easter.


While we practice next to the Aegean Sea the soft waves in the background and the breeze off the water and the beauty around us helps to put us into a yoga mood. I see people go quickly inward when we start the class. Feet alive on the matt, ready to jump! Like the balance of nature around us searching inwardly for that equanimity in our being. Strong grounded dynamic legs, long spine, soft quiet face, calm breath.

Find our limits in the poses and when ready… go deeper.

2 thoughts on “YOGA 2019 @ YOGAMAGAYA

  1. Hello
    I heard about yr yoga classes frim a friend’s stepdaughter. Where are you located? We’re innKolimbithris but happy to drive to yr yoga classes.

  2. Such a wonderful experience breathing to sound the of the waves and resting my soul near the end of an overwrought season. Tasso is gentle, funny, thoughtful, and fully present. He provides the perfect structure in which to push without proving and open without striving. I only wish I could’ve attended more sessions during my short stay on Paros.

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