Right now it’s spring and quiet pre tourist season. The island is awash with colour and very lush after the higher than usual rain falls from the previous 5 years.

20 metres from the yoga Hall here is the way for a quick dip before or after class

And things to do, a walk to Lefkes village in the middle of the island along ancient paths. Many regular buses for €2 can take you to most of the good spots on the island.

Ancient churches and with Easter coming soon many from around greece come to the islands for the country style feeling of a traditional Easter.


While we practice next to the Aegean Sea the soft waves in the background and the breeze off the water and the beauty around us helps to put us into a yoga mood. I see people go quickly inward when we start the class. Feet alive onthe matt, ready to jump! Like the balance of nature around us searching inwardly for that equanimity in our being. Strong grounded dynamic legs, long spine, soft quiet face, calm breath.

Find our limits in the poses and when ready… go deeper.

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