2019 !! CHANGE

A little update. Hello Yoga Friends 🙂 YOGAMAGAYA in its second year 2018 was very busy, with record numbers of tourists coming to see this Amazing Island Paros and some of those finding us at Magaya, and even people coming especially for the Yoga with us!  Looking forward to see many of you again! Thanks Everyone.


Marili Apartments http://www.marili-studios.gr/ where most people who do yoga with us stay, and we always get great feedback about the owners Marina and Yannis and their beautiful accommodation 10 mins from Magaya and 10 minutes the other way to parasporos beach.

This year Magaya Beach Bar Restaurant http://paros.touchgreece.gr/place/magaya/ is expanding and opening a chill out Beach Music Cafè. And of course offering our yoga groups breakfast and a great environment to spend time reading eating watching the Aegean and dipping in it often … best curries and seafood on the isle plus some veg vegan options

I spent a month away from Paros, A getaway to Athens for some culture then I visited 5 monasteries in Mount Athos for a week, the spiritual home of greece for over 1000 years, and talked to priests who’ve been there for 32 years. Then…. French alps for teaching and I was blown away by the beauty of Chamonix. Thanks Sema from Anicha Yoga https://www.anicha.yoga/ for your help. Then was back to Thessaloniki to teach and visit all my cousins! And back home teaching now on Paros. Feb and MArch have been 2 of the quietest months of my life……..

I found a Greek Australian priest in the Holy Monastery of Iveron. We talked for an hour and he said that he enjoys the simplicity and equality amongst his brethren here. No Women are allowed and there’s famous known and unknown ascetics hidden in caves and cloisters still today. After our talk he told me he took the chat as a confession! εξομολογηθώ So I can take holy communion Θεία Κοινωνία which I did at 5am in a monastery built in 996ad, whilst adoring an icon of the Mother Mary from waaay back then… and shown another from a vault covered in silver from 300 ad they say…

So some incredible opportunities and experiences again. And again I turn back to yoga. (My hand is a lot better but the thumb needs a few months of physio so the new tendon grafted from my ring finger can become autonomous) Yog! It is Universal. LLike music, art, philosophy. Mr Iyengar said it many times as did J Krisnanurti about meditation. You can be any religion or atheist, any body type and level of fitness rich poor sick strong.  With a return of popularity of C Jung, Joseph Campbell, Jordan Peterson, and their shadow work and relevance of Myth, the Indian deities and stories are not so different from our western Greek Roman and Pagan Gods and their stories.

But you don’t have to get into the philosophy deeply or bow and chant scriptures. The work of aligning the physical body is a process of refinement. All you need is your Intellect and Body. And eventually comes precision. Fine tuning. Then comes the next step with time and patience…. Grace. Divinity. Are those words weird for you? Even a wholistic sense of balance and grounding for an extended moment is a moment to be cherished, revered. No? It’s why many return to the matt.

With about 30 local students over winter and soon spring! we are working towards a much stronger practice of holding the poses longer, including forearm hand head shoulder stand / balances, this year. So our friends who visit us at Magaya will join in with this energy and the energy of the ancient local myths and stories. These are the waters of Poseidon!

And a great year ahead for everyone 🙂

One thought on “2019 !! CHANGE

  1. Hi Tassos,

    Will you be teaching in October? If so do you a drop-in rate for your classes, or a weekly rate?

    Many thanks. Steve

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