Yoga @ YogaMagaya Paros Greece


This is the view, after a  5 minute drive from the port of Paros, Magaya Bay as you approach YogaMagaya!


And this is YogaMagaya! Here we have daily yoga classes and yoga retreats. Thai massage and Yoga Therapy. So beautiful, peaceful, clean. Next to the beach, and an amazing restaurant, Magaya, and only steps away from hotels, luxury to budget accommodation. Many people come and enjoy a yoga holiday, a little yoga sun fun food wine and relaxation. Greek style. Others come and practice, attending all the classes or joining a retreat, more seriously, wake early, meditate, eat wholesome and look to change things. Get better!


Because it’s so easy and relaxing being here, there’s plenty of time to look into yourself and really do some deep yoga. Have you really experienced the deeper aspects of this practice?


see our facebook page for some great reviews from recent visitors.

And because we are a new business and in a bloody Recession or Crisis, we have very low prices for those that want to stay and do more than 1 class or a retreat. for more info 🙂



3 thoughts on “Yoga @ YogaMagaya Paros Greece

  1. I can’t wait to practice with you and the rest of the crew 😉 ! I just love it ! Yogamagaya is such a beautiful setting! 💜🙏🌈

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