Bali Healing 

Last New Moon march 20 I helped mum move out of the family home after finding her a new place. It sold due to her courageous decision to end the past few painful lonely years. Even then some of her friends said, At your age? This is when you need companionship. And some of my friends said, Travel with your mum? Like she’s your girlfriend, isn’t that weird? 

In the northern hemisphere that same time there was a solar eclipse…

Solar Eclipse on the Equinox: A powerful catalyst for beginnings. In Pisces associated with permanent Endings, and Crisis.

… read the headlines, and 2 weeks later I’m sitting under a partial eclipse of the moon, in Bali, with my mother, who is looking better than she has in years…  

Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Balancing relationship needs with independence.

I was on Paros, an idealic Greek island when mum called and asked me to help her leave her husband. A year earlier Easter Sunday, I’d packed my suitcase, sold my meagre  possessions and fled the city; for yoga, and love, and travel and afresh start somewhere eventually…  

On the island I learnt to live on almost nothing. Massaging and teaching a little to buy groceries and pay bills. But on the way to the grocer I’d chat sometimes for an hour with a few locals, who’d offer assistance with anything I needed…  Borrowed a bike, free hall hire first month.  Lots of free sweets with my spanakopita! Then the cold wind came, and the snow, and the damp. And space beauty time friendships. As a back drop for emotional turmoil it was surreal. A poet who lived there for many years wrote

I hope nothing. I fear nothing. I am Free… Kazantzakis 

On the island I understood, well atleast felt the difference between aloneness and loneliness. Being alone gives an opportunity for something new. Like kids getting bored. Loneliness can be felt in a crowd… The connection with a handful of real people left it’s mark on me. Along with the remarkable beauty and light that artists come from all over the world to witness and represent in their own way. 

Here in Ubud Bali now, (spirit festival) where the young locals want to be like the tourists. And the tourists want to be like the locals. Where the Hindu  Balinese people (most) practice TRUE Yoga. That of devotion, offerings, singing, community spirit. Where nursing homes and child care centres are unknown, and patience bright smiles and respect are normal. 

And the foreigners come (most) with their near naked athletic bodies and skin art, riding their scooters like bats out of hell to the next latte or yoga class. I didn’t say this, a local Taksi driver did, apologetically. There’s no way he could put his foot behind his head like most of the young yogis strive for, but he can look me in the eye and say hello. And smile… Simply 

Below pic we are waiting to see a healer. The taxi driver who picked us up from a friends house-warming ceremony mentioned this healer, and we dropped in. He told mum, (within 15 seconds of touching her face) who has dementia running in her family and does forget and repeat herself a little, that, You have bad memory. I said, Bad memories or, a Bad memory?  He agreed… Hmm? Maybe bad memories and a bad memory are the same somehow. In yoga we learn that whatever exists in the body manifests in the mind, and vise versa. This whole experience has been a brick in my stomach. Laying infront of a tv on anti depressants, eating sugar, without hope would turn this hardness into dis-ease. I know.  

The healer said alot, but to be creative and find passion was the bottom line. He told the 34 year old lady before us, in her lululemons that her hormonal issue is from her mind and that she cannot have kids…  Ever.

Dementia has become the 2nd biggest killer after heart disease in Australia. Worry stress anxiety diet all play role in this disease. Drugged up in a nursing home is not an option fortunately right now for us…

Look at your friends and loved ones in the eyes and ask them truly, how they are.  Listen.  

      The truth will set you free. 

I love my mum  : ) 



3 thoughts on “Bali Healing 

  1. Oh Tass, that’s a lovely story. I’m really happy that Litsa made such an important decision and you were there to help her. If you have people to support who you are, you are never alone. Good work man. X

  2. Hey brother! Thank you for sharing your beautiful perspective, I can relate to your devotion to your mother…. life….the creator. Enjoy every moment and let your “free flowing” love be freely expressed it keeps us youthful. We all miss you here on Paros and the summer is bound to be just around the corner….. We hope.

  3. A sincere post straight from the void. Your writing is deeper and reflects a change in you that I cannot describe in words. Peace brother.

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