The passing of a true Guru


It’s been a week since the passing of BKS Iyengar, who was the teacher of my teachers and a true Guru in every sense of the word, I feel.
I am blessed to have seen him last month and received a beautiful smile in response to my bow and stuttering words of gratitude.
I am on a beautiful island now, Paros, and I have the chance to practice most mornings on a beach that would take your breath away if you saw it at sunrise. This mixed with The Guru’s influence in every move and breath and adjustment I make is at times too much… I’ve never practiced so deeply. Meditation in motion, presence in the now, the divine spark in the physical, the joy of this practice, the heart, the breath, the energy in the silence…
Being grateful does not even begin to express the emotions, feelings, experience on the mat, a debt!
It won’t be long before he is declared as a saint or pronounced a sage amongst sages when the dust settles and we realise the magnitude of this loss…
He never held back anything and there’s a plethora of teachers now carrying on his legacy! Senior Iyengar teachers around the world are mourning and rejoicing, coming to terms with the passing of our Guruji.

2 thoughts on “The passing of a true Guru

  1. Hi Tasso,
    It’s great to hear you are enjoying your time on Paros and can indulge in meditation every morning. I spent some time there myself and know how beautiful and captivating the island is.

  2. No words can describe the influence he had on this world. A great loss but his teachings live on in the people he touched, and spread like the seeds of a dandelion in the breeze.

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