A home practice

45 mins approx

Memorise this relatively short sequence.  Take as long as you need. Write it down on a piece of paper during commercials or something.  Look at it often.  Draw the shapes. Then get on your mat and give it a go, Of course, you’ll go to some Iyengar classes to learn the poses.  All these poses most likely will be included in an Iyengar Introductory course at a school near you.  Usually a course duration is between 5 and 10 weeks.

Virasana  Seated Hero with Parvatasana Image 3 minutes (approx) observing the breath and then arm variation

Tadasana  MountainImage

Trkonasana TriangleImageget in the pose and about 5 breaths to start, same for all standing poses

Virabaddrasana 2   Warrior 2Image


Parsvakonasana Extended Side Angle

Virabhadrasana 1Image

Adho Mukha Svanasana  Down Face Dog and Uttanasana Resting x3

Dandasana Seated Staffdandasana

Marichyasana  Seated Twistmarich

Paschimottanasana  Seated Forward Bendpaschpasch2
dont be like Marilyn though. Use a strap or height under your sitbones

10 mins Savasana Corpse posesavasana

Questions will arise from a home practice that can be addressed in class…

See you on the mat

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