post easter habits

I worked at Vic Roads for a while. At one stage I worked in Road Management. The assistant Manager would always be early, with a coffee at hand in his designer mug, hair combed perfectly and a big sparkly smile, ready to answer a call at 9 on the dot. With pencil sharpened. Sometimes I’d be there smiling with him, other days I’d be looking for my pencil at 9 or trying to remember my passwords, fixing my helmut hair… “Habit Tassos. You need to create good habits, that’s your problem”, he would advise me. Guilt! Son of Greek immigrants. I can do guilt. So for years I felt creating correct habits is my weakness and I am not good enough for that kind of work. Lazy even. Not only because of this fellow, but because of the structures in our schools sporting associations. Pass or fail. Good enough or not. Kids who were different and learnt in different ways were marginalised.

There’s something about coming to your work, chores, your duty with a fresh mind. Like a beginners mind. I unconsciously fight habits and routine. Its my nature. Watching kids approach new things is a lesson in life. Wonderlust

Yes it is difficult for me to get on my mat everyday. Some days i skip it… But once there I practice. Yes you have to brush your teeth every morning. But use your other hand or a different stroke. Try a new toothpaste or chewing a twig instead. Don’t have a coffee some mornings, have an apple instead. Leave the car take the bus. Practice feeling your heart beat. Write your vowels in a different script.

We have a tendancy to put over achievers and even obssessive ppl up on pedastals. And most of these ppl are far from enlightened or perfect or indeed worthy of any admiration. The carers and those who quietly go about their jobs, work, obligations, focusing on making it easier for those around us. There are enlightened ppl out there going about their duties in the background, unnoticed and making a huge difference. I wish they would speak up …

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few”
― Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

See you on the mat : )

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