As Above So Below

As Above So Below

My first post!!  woo hoo  : )

And the theme, subject of this blog iIIIS        Yoga!…

Firstly, I’d love for you to come experience a class with me.  But that may not be possible for whatever reason.  So here you’ll get a chance to experience another yoga view.  But if it is possible to attend, this blog will allow you to be involved in the deeper aspects of the practice by reading my thoughts and feelings on the subject.  Most people prefer not to ask questions or offer their views in class.  So your concerns queries may be answered in my ‘rants’ or you can just drop me a line and ask…

Yoga…  yog, the root of the word means to unite, bond, yoke.  At its basic level the union of mind and body.  And it’s deeper level, well, maybe we’ll discover that together.  There’s so so many ways to approach this subject.    So I will venture to approach IT in every way.  Artistically, philosophically, physically, spiritually, therapeutically, scientifically, fantastically…

Without getting too involved, in India where yoga was developed before Christ, there was different types.  Devotional Bhakti Yoga like the Hari Krsna’s, Mental Raja Yoga like the Brahma Kumaris.  Transcendental Meditation that was made mainstream by the Beatles.  Duty, Karma Yoga like Mother Teresa.  And Hatha Yoga as we know it.  Postures!  But they all had the same essence.  Self Realisation through self examination…

As above so below…  You know the old expression.  ‘You’re gonna worry yourself sick’.  Well, it’s true.  That tape that constantly runs. Mind you it can be positive too, but it seems that the most powerful strong thoughts are negative. From a minute ago or 20 years ago. Hopes dreams for this arvo or 20 years down the track. How may times have you worried about what you they said or will say do. What you they did and it’s affects on someone and how you should of said this or that in this or that way instead of da da da.  In the end you’ve got a sleepless night or lost your appetite or your not present for the task at hand. And those around you are also affected. Yes, we should be present and aware and look at evolving and improving our behavior, but not like this.

The practice of yoga gives us a place for a time where we are present, here right now, as it is. In our feet on the mat out of our head. This is the practice. We work through a few postures and notice inquire how the body reacts.  How the mind reacts.  This is why Iyengar is my yoga of choice.  Its not an exercise, you can’t call your friend or read a motorcycling magazine while you do it.  I tried!  Its not a technique to achieve certain outcomes.  Inevitably you’ll be disappointed if you wanna tighten your butt or lengthen your legs. Or you’ll hopefully realise there’s more important things to be concerned over.

It is a practice.  But the word practice may not capture the essence of it.  It is after all something of great consequence.  A regime?  too military.  A ceremony?  Too festive….  A rite?  Too Dogmatic. Ritual?  Too too


When I was in India backpacking 20 years ago now, I sat next to a fellow in a train close to Madras, who liked to talk.  He told me many things, I remember he said that the paint they put on their foreheads is not only for cultural reasons but also to protect the sensitive 3rd eye from sunlight.  He also told me that Hatha Yoga  means Ha = Sun and The = Moon.  Therefore Hatha is the balancing of those 2 qualities.  Including the esoteric subtler qualities of the male sun, female moon, inner outer, negative positive, up down, below above…


Thank you  : )

ps I bow before my teachers and acknowledge that I am on the path way behind them, and as they have illuminated the way for me, I attempt humbly to shine a light, albeit not so bright for those that wish to follow. Forwards


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